Maqui Berry Health

Polyphenols for to be used in the food industry, being added  in juices, yogurts and daily products, and, also, for to be used in nutraceutic and as a colorant in cosmetic industry.



Grape´s skin extract, for to be used as an antioxidant  additive in  products from food , nutraceutic and cosmetic industries.

Black Berry Health

Wild berries extract, used in cosmetic and functional food.

Blue Berry Health

Used  like a polyphenolic source for to be incorporated in food and nutraceutic products.

Olive Plus

Olive leaf micronized powder, rich in oleoeuropein, for to be used in  food solid matrix  and nutraceutic products.

TaniColor Plus

Oenological use, for stabilization color, improve the wine structure and with antioxidant action.


Tannins for oennological use, special for to improve the red wine structure.